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Citizenship in Action

More than any other month of the year, December is focused on service and giving. From your local food bank, to the volunteer group down the street, to national nonprofits, it seems like everyone could use a little extra at this time of year.

Children from Acacia of Hope in Nairobi enjoying some Gibbs Smith books.

Gibbs Smith Education is a certified B Corp. This means that we have met high standards of social and environmental performance, including charitable giving. Our absolute favorite way to give back is through donating books! Each month we partner with organizations all over the US to help underserved populations receive the gift of reading. In 2023 alone, we were able to help more than 30 different groups including local elementary schools, In a World with Books, Head Start, Primary Children’s Hospital, Safe Harbor Crisis Center, and Brain Food Books. And when we say “local” we mean local to our employees who live and work in 35+ states.

Calvin Crosby, Executive Director of Brain Food Books said, “Gibbs Smith's many donations help Brain Food Books fulfill our mission of getting books into the hands of those without regular access. Thanks to their generosity we have donated books to community pediatric clinics along the Wasatch Front and to Tuba City, AZ and the Navajo Nation. They have helped us supply books to four shelters all targeted at different in-need demographics.”

But why do we really donate these books? Is it to check an item off our B Corp list or for the kind words people say about us? Of course not. We believe in promoting and spreading literacy and making an ethical difference in the world of public education and beyond. Service is part of our identity, whether we are creating lesson plans for students across the nation or honing our own service-leadership practices.

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