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Gibbs Smith Education's CPO Featured on International Podcast

This week, Jared Taylor, the Publisher at Gibbs Smith Education and the Chief People Officer at Gibbs Smith, was featured on the Talent Management Truth podcast. The podcast, hosted by Lisa Mitchell, caters to talent leaders seeking inspiration and practical examples of learning and achievement.
Jared's professional background includes roles as a Social Studies Teacher, High School Principal, and Editorial Director. He is passionate about creating genuine and accurate social studies materials that can benefit students, teachers, and communities. Moreover, he places foremost importance on establishing a positive and functional organizational culture, seeing it as crucial to an organization's success. He enjoys conceptualizing, implementing, and supporting leaders in their pursuit of this objective.
During the podcast, Jared and Lisa delved into topics like fully employee-owned companies, the significance of the Certified Benefit Corporation designation, and the concept of prioritizing compassion over rigor in leadership.
You can preview the podcast here:
You can hear the complete podcast at the following links:
Spotify: Click here
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